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Our Alerts

We send some of the alerts to our Twitter account. If are not ready to commit yet, follow us on Twitter!

Discord Group

Our Discord consists of 5 channels of alerts, you can trade choosing a strategy you like! In addition, you can connect with fellow traders in the #general channel and send direct messages. 

Channel Details

# Momentum

Momentum channel captures a stock that has a sudden spike. It can come from breaking news, or from insider trading before the news. These alerts allow you get ahead of the game before major movements.

# 30p-spikes & # 30p-dips

Action channel consists of stocks that sharply dipped or spiked more than 30%. Some comes with news, but some are just purely from panic selling,  pre-buying before news. It’s great for dip buying or chasing the spike.

# DF-Watchlist (Algorithm)

In the #df-watchlist channel, we show the tickers from Dipfinding’s unique algorithms. We analyze data to find out stocks with unique movements that resemble multi-day parabolic-like patterns, which are likely to break out. Ex: $GNUS, $DLOC, $LTNC, $RGBP and etc.,  

# All Market

Are you an aggressive day trader? All-Market channel capture ALL +10% price movement of the entire market. Now you can stay informed in real time without staring at the screen!

# Spread Play

There are stocks with insane, juicy spread. In one trade, you can easily make 20-40%. In this channel, our system find out all the tickers with large spread for you.

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